5 Benefits of Spray on Bed Liners for Your truck

spray on bed liners

Generally, people can expect their vehicles to last an average of 11 years. This is assuming that the automobile undergoes regular maintenance and does not exceed the average mileage. Though the majority of individual and commercial truck owners put a lot of miles on their vehicles, there are ways that you can extend its longevity while preserving its value.

Spray on bed liners are one of the best ways that you can provide your vehicle with protection against corrosion. Read on to learn some benefits of protective coatings and why you should invest in one ASAP.

1. Durability Over Powder Alternatives

Many truck owners pass up polyurea coating in favor of powder coats. Unfortunately, this is insufficient for tough working environments or off-road driving. Polyurea spray coating is 15 times stronger than powder alternatives and therefore will stand up better to all weather conditions.

It also is resistant to chemicals as well as corrosion. If you’re operating a commercial truck with chemical cargo, it’s essential that you get something that can stand up to a spill.

Simple powder coatings cannot stop these chemicals from corroding your truck bed, which poses not just a risk to your truck but to you. After all, if your truck bed corrodes and chemicals get into the body of your vehicle, you could face serious engine issues.

2. Easy Maintenance

The other alternative to spray-on coating is a drop-in liner. These are more protective than powder coatings but come with a lot of maintenance-related downsides. You would need to remove it from the truck, scrub it down, take a hose to it, and let it dry.

All you need to do to clean a polyurea spray-in liner is to hose it down occasionally. You’d need to do this anyway to eliminate dirt and grime from your truck bed.

Easy maintenance makes you more likely to be on top of your truck’s upkeep. You will therefore keep your truck at the highest possible quality and stop it from decreasing in value.

Additionally, you will spend less money on maintenance when you choose protective coatings. Drop-in liners will crack and dent as a result of natural wear and tear. This means they aren’t going to last the entire lifespan of your truck.

On the flip side, powder coatings become a permanent part of your truck bed’s surface. They will keep your truck safe until you turn it in. This saves you money in the long run since you won’t need to replace a necessary but expensive truck accessory.

3. UV Protection

UV rays can pose a huge risk to truck value. The sun is constantly going to beat down on the bed of the vehicle and cause it to fade. This makes the truck bed look ugly and can also eventually lead to further corrosion.

Powder coatings provide no protection against too much sunlight. The lifespan of the vehicles will therefore decrease. Because of fading, they will also be worth less during their lifespan and therefore will have little to no resale value.

Drop-in liners provide some protection against UV rays, but they do crack and sustain damage over time. These cracks can lead to the sun getting into certain unprotected areas (in addition to water, chemicals, and more).

On the flip side, spray-on coatings keep harmful UV rays from damaging the paint in your truck bed. This means that your vehicle will always look as good as new. You won’t need to worry about an ugly appearance that reflects poorly on your personal or professional brand.

4. Reduced Slipping

Did you know that over 800,000 people are hospitalized each year as a result of injuries from falling? Falls are the most common cause of brain injuries in addition to broken bones.

Polyurea coating is specifically made to reduce slipping. Individuals who use their pickup trucks for vacations or off-roading will likely need to haul items into the truck bed. The no-slip coating provides protection against injury in a way that neither powder nor a drop-in liner would.

Anti-slip solutions are even more important for trucks used in professional applications. This is true for two reasons.

First, professional truckers haul a greater quantity of cargo than residential truck users do. This increases their chances of injury. Secondly, professional truckers can press slip and fall charges if the company that owns the trucks did not invest in adequate anti-slip solutions.

A spray-on coating is ideal because it preemptively stops these issues and keeps everyone safe.

5. A Long-Term Solution

While other coatings require replacement every year or so, spray-on solutions do not require this. Once a polyurea coating is put onto your truck bed, it permanently bonds to the material. This means that spray-on coatings are a long-term solution that can benefit your maintenance plan greatly.

Spray-on bed liners also create a watertight seal that leaves no gaps on your truck bed. This means that corroding rain and chemicals won’t slip through the barrier. You won’t need to contend with rust and corrosion from materials getting into unprotected areas since there won’t be any.

Invest in Spray On Bed Liners ASAP

While protecting your truck against corrosion may sound like a challenging task, spray on bed liners make it much simpler. Now that you know some of the top benefits of protective coatings, it’s time to get started.

Blackhawk Coatings is committed to providing you with the highest-quality polyurea coatings to ensure that your vehicle remains safe. Contact our veteran-owned business to request a quote or to ask any lingering questions that you have.

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