How to Choose the Right Concrete Coatings Contractor

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According to some research, the concrete floor coatings market is valued at $304.8 million.

This means that there are many contractors to choose from for your concrete coatings project, but how do you know which one is the best one to choose? Finding the right contractor could make your project go much more smoothly. 

Keep reading to learn about what qualities to look for in concrete coatings contractors.

Do They Have Good Reviews?

While a contractor should have reviews on their website, you may not be able to trust them. This is why you need to look at third-party sites like Facebook and Google, where real customers can post reviews. 

The other sites will give you a better picture of who their past clients were and if those clients were satisfied or not. You should also see how many reviews they have.

If they say that they’ve been in business for ten years but only have five reviews within the last few years, there may be something wrong. You may want to figure out why they don’t have more reviews. 

Keep in mind that it’s normal to see some lower reviews, but if you see too many low reviews, then you’ll want to find a different contractor. 

Do They Have a Brick and Mortar Building?

While having a website is important, you’ll also want to see if they have an actual address. Are they operating out of a storefront or does the address take you to an apartment? 

While many people will put their service as a business at their house, this is a red flag for customers because it means that they don’t have an established business. While they could do great work, it leaves your project open to disorganization and other problems. 

What Kind of Products Do They Use?

When you do find a legit business that has a storefront, figure out what type of products they use. Ask what product line they use, and do your own research to see what the best products are. 

You’ll need to figure out what products people are happy with. If you choose high-quality products when you get concrete coatings, then you’ll have a more durable floor.

Do They Have the Right Licenses?

Do research on the contractor’s background and ensure that they have all of the credentials and licenses. The licenses required will vary depending on the size of the business and where they’re located. 

You’ll also want to look into any credentials, citations, awards, and other information on the company. All of their licenses and credentials should be listed on their site. If they’re not, contact them and ask if you can see proof. 

If they don’t have any proof, you’ll want to find a different company. 

Are They Credible?

When you schedule a consultation or appointment with them, you need to figure out if they’re credible. If they have a shady past, then you may want to find a different company. 

Figure out how long they have been in business. Some businesses will claim that they have been in business for twenty years, but what they mean is that the manufacturer has been in business for that long. 

Make sure that you figure out how long the contract has actually been in business. You might have to pay more for someone who is more established, but it may be worth it to have more quality work. 

Can You Meet With the Contractors?

Can you meet the contractors before you sign a contract with them? After you do all of your research online, you’ll want to pick two or three to interview. 

You can ask them to come to your location to see if they would be a good fit for your project. They’ll be able to give you a bid for how much they estimate for your project. 

You should be able to ask them how long the job will take, what delays they anticipate, or any other problems that could arise. If the concrete flooring contractor doesn’t ask you any questions, this is a red flag.

Do They Have a Portfolio?

Does the contractor have a portfolio of services that they did in the past? You should be able to see real videos and pictures of the process. They should also have before and after photos. 

This will help you trust the work that they do and figure out if their services are right for your project.

In addition to that, you should also ask to see pictures of their team members and crews. This will help you trust that this is a real business and help you figure out who will be installing your concrete coating

If the contractor doesn’t have any pictures or videos to show you, this is a red flag. Also, keep in mind that some will try to show you stock photos, so make sure you figure out if the photos are real or fake.

Will They Put Everything in Writing?

If you decide that you want to work with that contractor, they should put everything in writing. They should make sure that they have insurance and building permits. 

The contract should also have a timeline and the total cost of the proposal. That way, everyone knows what is expected from the project, and you can also learn about all the warranties that come with the project. 

Keep in mind that you should also have a solution for disputing any problems and how to resolve them.

Learn More About How to Choose the Right Concrete Coatings Contractor

These are only a few things to consider when you choose the right concrete coatings contractor, but there are many other factors to consider.

If you’re trying to find a contractor but aren’t sure where to start, we’re here to help you out. 

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