How Protective Coatings Help To Preserve Your Business

protective coatings

A single bulldozer can cost as much as $200,000 or more!

Can you imagine how detrimental it’d be for a contractor if something were to damage their brand-new bulldozer? Even after filing an insurance claim, they could be out thousands of dollars.

If your company uses heavy equipment, give yourself the peace of mind polyurea coatings can provide. Even if you don’t have large pieces of machinery, you can still use protective coatings to help maintain commercial spaces or fleet vehicles.

Exactly how can polyurea coatings help your business maintain a healthy bottom line? Read on to find out.

Polyurea Beats Out Epoxy Protective Coatings

One of the first things you’ll be interested in is that polyurea floor protective coatings are more robust than epoxy options. Epoxy resins contain reactive polymers.

On the other hand, polyurea is an incredibly flexible and solid material. It performs excellently in exterior spaces, such as patios and interior areas. This modern coating can benefit industrial floors, garage workspaces, and other work areas.

When choosing between epoxy and polyurea, you’ll find that polyurea has a higher resistance to chemicals too. It’s also UV stable. It’s the perfect way to protect your floors from changes in temperature, chemicals, and regular wear and tear.

Polyurea floor coatings are also light and reflective. You’ll find that it’s easy to clean your floors, and the coatings last for a long time. The coating is also nearly impossible to crack.

You’ll have an added layer of protection for your concrete floors. The coatings will even help keep the floor safe from shocks, weight, and water.

Protect Expensive Construction Equipment

Protecting your commercial floors is just the beginning. You can also use polyurea to keep your construction equipment in tip-top shape. The strong coating will provide the best abrasion protection around.

You’ll no longer have to worry about wear and tear as a problem for your heavy equipment. For one, you’ll be adding an extra protective layer that bonds to the surface of your heavy equipment.

Thanks to a chemical reaction with the polyurea coating, it’ll be able to stick to whatever equipment you apply it to flawlessly. The strong touch of the bond will be almost impossible to break.

When you spray polyurea coatings onto your heavy construction equipment, it immediately bonds to the metal surface. After thoroughly drying, the protective layers can prevent dings, dents, and scratches.

Since heavy equipment tends to take a beating out in the field, anything you can do to protect it will help. The coating will last for a long time too.

Do you own a company that sells heavy equipment? Improve your customer loyalty when they see that you’re willing to go above and beyond. By spraying your heavy machinery with polyurea coatings, you’ll be giving your customers the peace of mind they crave.

Coatings Withstand Weather Elements

If you’ve ever owned a piece of heavy equipment, you know how difficult it can be to move them. Often heavy equipment has to be trailered to and from the job site.

Sometimes once a piece of equipment is present on the job site, it can stay there for days. That means the equipment is subject to whatever mother nature decides to throw its way. Intense UV rays, rain, snow, and hail could all be on the menu.

Polyurea coatings will be able to offer superior protection from every type of weather element. You’ll be able to increase the lifespan of your heavy equipment, which will save your company a ton of money in the long run.

Add Aesthetic Value

So far, we’ve been talking about the benefits of adding polyurea coatings to your industrial floors or heavy machinery. While these coatings help provide protection, they also help make things look cool.

There’s no doubt about it; polyurea coatings increase the aesthetic value of your floors and heavy equipment. If you’ve never seen the finished product before, take a moment to look at a few photos online.

Floors coated in polyurea have a unique shine and allure. Anything covered in polyurea will look more modern, strong, and sleek.

If you’re a heavy equipment dealer, potential customers will notice the difference right away. You’ll get a lot of questions about the coating, which opens up the opportunity to make a sale. Since you’ll be offering the highest quality product, it’ll be easy to stand out from the crowd.

Spray Bed Liners for Trucks and Beyond

What other benefits could your company take advantage of with polyurea coatings? These coatings work great for company furniture, outdoor patios, truck liners, bed liners, and parking lots.

Spray-on bed liners will be able to protect your company vehicles from deterioration. By extending the service life of your service vehicles, you’ll be able to save money on your entire fleet.

You can use the same coating to help repair any existing damage. Get ready to add performance years and make your vehicles look great again!

Are you planning on selling your company? Or did you want to sell one of your company vehicles? Whatever the case may be, polyurea protections will help improve the resale value of equipment and vehicles.

As we mentioned, these coatings work for more than just floors and equipment. You can also use polyurea coatings for nerf bars and trim, rocker panels, boat holes, decks, and farm equipment.

One of our favorite applications has to be the parking lot approach. By keeping your coatings up-to-date, you’ll be able to extend the life of the asphalt.

Since asphalt is a lot more prone to cracking and decay than concrete is, everything you can do to maintain it will be a big help. A long-lasting polyurea coating means that you won’t have to spend as much money as you usually would caring for your asphalt parking lot.

Be Smart With a Polyurea Protective Coating

Now you know why the pros invest in high-quality protective coatings. Coatings are the best way to maintain equipment, vehicles, and floors.

Polyurea coatings are durable, resistant, and withstand the most extreme environments. Thanks to its superior properties, one coating can last year after year without repair!

Blackhawk Coatings want to give your company the protection it deserves. We’ll be happy to answer any questions you might have about our services.

Don’t wait to secure your business’s property. Connect with one of our team members today for your free consultation.

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