The Benefits of Bed Liners: How to Protect Your Truck

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What if you were overlooking an easy step to protect your truck?

Chances are that you want your truck to last for as long as possible. And to truly protect it and extend its lifespan, you need some good spray-on bed liners.

Unfortunately, most truck owners don’t know what a bed liner can do for them and their vehicles. Keep reading to discover the many benefits of bed liners!

What Are Bed Liners?

Our guide is going to walk you through the many benefits of getting a bed liner for your truck. Before we go any further, though, we need to answer that burning question: what are truck bed liners, exactly?

On the most basic level, a bed liner is something that you put in your truck bed to protect it. Otherwise, driving with almost anything in the back of your truck is going to lead to plenty of unwanted scratches and dents.

There are multiple types of bed liners out there, including drop-in liners and even carpet liners. But the best and most convenient ones to use are spray-on liners.

Now that you know more about what a bed liner is and the basics of what it does, let’s take a closer look at the benefits of getting a spray-on bed liner today!

Protection From the Elements

Some truck drivers think they can skip out on getting a liner because they don’t haul things in their truck bed very often. However, even if you never put anything back there, your truck bed is constantly exposed to the elements.

Over time, a combination of rain, sunlight, dirt, and other elements can damage your truck bed and also make it look downright dirty, especially when the dirt settles into the paint. But with a bed liner, you don’t have to worry about that at all!

A good liner is both airtight and watertight. So you don’t have to worry about all the potential damage the elements can cause to your truck bed.

Reduce Road Noise

Remember when we said that spray-on liners are better than drop-in liners? One of the reasons for this is that spray-on liners can actually reduce how much road noise you encounter.

That’s because over time, drop-in liners can come loose. Once they are loose, these liners will intensely vibrate as you drive. That vibration leads to a very annoying noise that makes it hard to focus, much less to enjoy your favorite tunes.

But with spray-on liners, you get all the protection for your truck bed and no annoying vibrations while you drive. Talk about the best of both worlds!

Make a Safer Surface

Previously, we touched on the fact that a good liner will help protect your truck from the things you haul. But would you believe the liner can also help protect you from your truck?

As you know, loading and unloading things from your truck bed often involves getting up, standing up, and getting down from the truck bed. If you have no longer at all, it’s very easy for you to accidentally slip and fall, leading to some very serious injuries.

But a spray-on bed liner enhances the friction of the truck bed. Not only does this make it harder for you to accidentally slip and fall, but it also serves to provide better protection for any delicate items that you might be hauling back and forth!


While tinkering with your truck can be rewarding, most truck owners don’t want a high-maintenance vehicle. That’s because every minute that you spend working on your truck is a minute that you can’t spend watching the big game or hanging out with your family.

Here’s some good news, then: a spray-on bed liner is something that requires very little maintenance. Short of your truck bed getting seriously damaged, the liner will stay in place with no need to touch it up.

Now, you’ll still want to clean the truck bed every now and then to keep your vehicle looking good. But cleaning a spray-on liner is pretty much the same as cleaning a naked truck bed, and it requires far less effort than cleaning a drop-in liner would.

Keeps Your Truck Value High

Let’s be honest: you spent a lot of hard-earned money on your truck. And whether you plan to eventually sell it or not, every truck owner should have an interest in protecting the value of their vehicle.

However, the blunt truth is that every little bit of damage can hurt your truck value, and often in very serious ways. You may not think that dent or scratch looks that bad. But to a potential buyer, your truck is now damaged goods, and nobody is going to pay you nearly as much as you would like to get.

This is another area where spray-on liners really shine. By protecting your truck against dings, dents, and scratches, a good liner ensures you’ll be able to trade your truck in for a bigger, better model a few years down the road.

Make Your Truck Look Even Better

Maybe you don’t want to sell or trade your truck. Maybe you plan to stare at that beautiful vehicle for a good, long time. In that case, it’s worth remembering that spray-on liners simply help your truck to look more beautiful.

Protecting your truck from dirt and the elements is about more than protecting its resale value. It’s also about keeping the vehicle looking as good as the day you bought it.

And we all know that keeping your truck looking great means washing it from time to time. With a spray-on liner in place, you’ll have that much less to clean up when the time comes!

Your Next Move

Now you know why spray-on bed liners are a “must-have” for your truck. But do you know where you can get the best liners at the most competitive prices?

Here at Blackhawk Coatings, we specialize in protecting the value and integrity of your truck. To see what we can do for you, just contact us today!

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